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Name:Gotham City
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" I'm not going to present you with a fairy-tale image of Gotham. It's a hard luck town. It always has been. It's a place of dark tragedies and bitter ironies. A city of deep shadows and sharp contrasts. A city that touches everyone who lives there. For good and bad. I see Gotham as an anvil. One is broken or tempered on it. So many trials. So much misfortune. So little hope. But some thrive there. Gothamites are a tough breed. They're proud of their town and their talent for living in it. My family has lived there for two centuries. It was there that they built the financial giant that is a leading player in a half dozen industries. And it wasGothamites who helped build it. By their sweat and their labor and sometimes their lives they made Gotham a world competitor. Against all the odds. Maybe Gotham is inspiring in its own way. Inspiration spurred by fear. Or something even darker. But despite their troubles and their setbacks, Gothamites keep going. And there's something noble about that."

The dimensional walls of the multiverse have broken. Not in the entire world, no, only in Gotham City. How did it happen? No one knows. Probably because at some point in the multiverse, Superboy Prime punched a hole in the fabric of time and space wide enough to cover for every retcon ever known to DC. Whatever the reason, the results are obvious. Gothamites from across multiple universes have begun to occupy the same Gotham. The structures remain consistent with that of Earth 1, but the people have begun to spill over from other Earths. Strangely enough, those most heavily affected appear to be those who don capes and masks. Why them more than anyone else? Because Superboy Prime punched the universe, that's why.

City of Gotham is a private Musebox created for DC characters with an emphasis on the vigilantes and villains of Gotham.

Continuity and consistency are left up to the muns' discretion. Doubles are welcome, various canon points are welcome, harassment of any version of Bruce Wayne is welcome.

Don't expect anything to take itself seriously.

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